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The English Center for Training Solutions was founded in 2014 as the Andean Region Partner for The Training Clinic, a California-based training company, and America’s Train-the-Trainer Leader since 1977.

Our portfolio includes international certification programs for training managers and training coordinators, as well as professional development workshops (soft skills).  These  not only impact performance, but also serve as a platform for participants to practice speaking the English language as they develop specific skills.   

In addition, our offer includes a complete English learning program, from basic, intermediate, to advance levels of proficiency, as well as Total English Immersion formats, English for Specific Purposes, and private classes.  

The total immersion model focuses on speaking skills wherein participants consistently develop native-like levels of comprehension or listening skills. The more time spent not using a native language, the higher the level of proficiency attained in the new language.   Join us:

  • Participate in the Total English Language Immersion program in Cartagena, Colombia, with highly qualified, native English speaker instructors. 
  • Enroll your organization in English classes tailored to the proficiency and scheduling needs of professionals
  • Outsource your entire English language program
  • Request on-site professional/management development and organizational enhancement workshops presented in English 
  • Enroll company ex-pats in our  fun and exciting Spanish for Foreiners programs delivered in historic Cartagena, Colombia.