Total English Language Immersion Programs


The English Center for Training Solutions is dedicated to providing the highest quality English programs for adults.  You may choose a total immersion program in beautiful, historic Cartagena, Colombia,  or in the United States with everything you need to  improve your English quickly and enjoy a memorable learning experience.   

You may choose:

  • 3 week, 72 hour per week, 216 hour program
  • 2 week, 72 hour per week, 144 hour program
  • 1 week, 72 hour program
  • Long weekend, 30 hour program
  • Private classes and much more


Our teaching methodology is critical to the effectiveness of the program. This is why we have designed and structured the fun, highly interactive program around a careful mix of learning techniques including:

  • Structural, functional, and interactive methods
  • Communicative approach
  • Cultural excursions;   Simulations
  • Outdoor training
  • Mini-workshops on Effective Presentation and Writing Sklls


At the end of the program, participants will have improved fluency significantly, and will be able to:

  • Apply acquired vocabulary including verbs and idiomatic expressions
  • Apply sentence structures and English grammar correctly
  • Apply effective strategies to develop confidence and flexibility in speaking, listening,writing, and reading.
  • Minimum 150 total TOEIC point increase.
How you will benefit What you will cover What’s included
Morning class instruction
emphasizes a comprehensive approach
to improve all four components of English
language proficiency: Speaking, listening,
writing, and reading.
Afternoon sessions
systematically recycle morning content,
grammar and vocabulary. Dynamic, fun activities
and optimum scenarios reinforce English
fundamentals through fluency development
and accent reduction.
Fundamentals of the English language;
Idiomatic expressions;
Fluency development.
Excursions to famous tourist sites & cultural activities
Participant guides
Outdoor training