Spanish Survival Programs


  • 50-hour, one week, workshop.
  • Programs tailored to your needs.
  • Highly responsive client service.
  • Fast-paced, rapid progress.
  • Fun, highly qualified and experienced instructors.
  • Individual or group classes

How You Will Benefit

You will master the necessary fundamentals and vocabulary to understand others, and make yourself understood, comfortably, in the most typical situations you encounter while traveling throughout Latin America. The Participant Guide is peppered with cross-cultural savvy and tips to ease your stay en the Spanish speaking world. How much more rewarding and enjoyable your trip!


Our interactive, proficiency-based, communicative approach is based on adult learning principles and second language teaching techniques, and guarantees the results you crave to ensure you meet your Spanish learning objectives in a fun, quick, efficient, cost-effective way.


To ensure results, we propose a full immersion, instructor-led format, 10 hours per day, 5 days in one week. However, we are able to adapt to your specific needs.




Following fees apply to groups with minimum 5 participants:

Spanish Survival Workshop

50-Hour Workshop


Extra Week


Minimum 5 participant 300 per participant 200 per participant

For private classes, fees amount to US$ 450 per week.